14th June 2023 – Water Shortage

Good Morning,

You may be aware that there has been a burst water pipe that has affected quite a large area near to school. Severn Trent are working hard to resolve the problem as soon as possible but there is no estimated time for a resolution on the website. Currently, we are unaffected, and we do have a water supply into school, but we are unsure if the problem will extend to our school premises.

We have made the decision to stay open because the children were already on transport to school when we were notified about the nearby burst pipe. We do have reserve water tanks that we can draw upon if our fresh water supply runs out but, if that is the case, we are not sure how long the water in the tanks will last.

We kindly request that parents/carers be available today because if our supply runs out at school then you will need to be available to collect your child to take them home. We would be unable to have children in school without any water as we would not be able to keep them hydrated or meet their hygiene needs. Your child’s class teacher will call you should your child need to be collected.

Lunches today will be picnic style, for the majority of children. We will endeavour to meet any dietary requests/requirements but the menu will be very limited today.

We will keep you updated throughout the day via Class Dojo and text.

Thank you for your understanding.