Our Mission, Vision and Values



Beaufort School aims to provide all children with an immersive, exciting and collaborative quality of education, which leads to successful outcomes for every child.  We aim for our pupils to leave at the end of year 6 equipped with a toolkit of skills to continue their learning journey successfully, both at secondary school and beyond.


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Our Vision for the school is identified below, in areas under each value heading. Please also see the About Us page for more information on our school, and our Blog page for information on the latest events occurring.


Positive Communication and Interaction

  • To provide an environment of total communication in all spaces, so that pupils can access relevant augmentative and alternative communication systems to match their needs across the curriculum
  • To provide all pupils with a consistently used communication system throughout their time in school and at home
  • To embed communication across the curriculum and at social times, and assess pupils’ development of their skills academically and holistically
  • To communicate effectively with parents verbally and in writing, and to consider creative strategies to communicate with families where English is spoken as an additional language


Enjoyment and Wellbeing

  • To praise children’s achievement and celebrate the success of others, motivating all to continue to thrive
  • To provide appropriate pace, challenge and support to enable children to enjoy and achieve
  • To empower staff to deliver an excellent curriculum for all pupils, through continuing professional development and care for their wellbeing
  • To use thematic content to drive a fun, relevant and relatable curriculum for all


Relationships, Trust and Respect

  • To nurture respect, teamwork and trust between staff, pupils, parents and the whole school community, with the aim of having highly effective partnership to drive working relationships forward
  • To have patience and tolerance for all members of our diverse learning community
  • To be flexible and adapt to a culture of change, in line with school wide and national priorities for improving education
  • To ensure that staff present as effective role-models for all pupils


Independence, Equality and Opportunity

  • To provide bespoke, stimulating and engaging curriculum content for pupils with differing needs, which is chosen for children at Beaufort
  • To focus upon developing pupils’ independence skills relative to their starting points. Staff will assist them to achieve to their full potential, to lead the life they and their parents hope for, through a scaffolded approach in differing contexts
  • To ensure that all pupils feel included and have equal opportunities to provision which meets their needs effectively
  • To assist all children to access a wide range of services and support through multi-professional collaboration


Safety and Care

  • To ensure that children and families feel welcome, well looked after, nurtured and cared for
  • To promote a strong culture of safeguarding as every person’s responsibility
  • To ensure accurate and timely records, risk assessments and policies are in place, followed and reviewed
  • To ensure that environments in the school promote safe, calm, purposeful, engaged and enabling teaching and learning


Therapy and Nurture

  • To promote children’s health through a multi-professional approach
  • To ensure that appropriate impact-measured therapies are an integral part of pupils’ educational offer
  • To nurture Social, Spiritual Physical, Intellectual, Communication, Emotional and Spiritual skills, with a focus upon having cultural capital (both within school and in learning beyond the classroom)
  • To ensure that curriculum content meets the needs in all four areas of each child’s education, health and care plan



The following values have been developed by staff with consultation from parents and the Governing Body.  We aim to base the school’s work around these values in all ventures, to enable children to progress and achieve to their full potential.