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Local School Policies and Plans

The following section of the website contains a a wealth of information regarding the most recent Local School Policies, along with the Pupil and Sports premium information for the current and previous academic years.

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School uniform is not compulsory at Beaufort School. We understand that for some of our children, wearing a school uniform is not appropriate in helping to manage their sensory needs.

For those children who wish to wear school uniform we ask that you wear the following:

Navy blue cardigan/jumper

White polo shirt

Dark grey skirt or trousers

There is no requirement for a PE kit

Please click the link below to access their website to order school uniform and other accessories.

Please note that parents / carers will order direct from the website and orders will be delivered to your home.

We have tried to source a reputable, reasonably priced provider of uniform and I hope that you will all find their website quick and easy to use.

Please contact the school office if you experience any difficulties. Many thanks.

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Please use the link above to access the the most recent copies of the Local School Policies for the school.